Six New Skincare Favourites for February/March 2017


What a busy few months it has been, wedding prep, actual wedding and then honeymoon! Finally life is slowly getting back to normal again and at a pace I much prefer. Changes are coming up for myself and the Mr in the next few months and these changes I am so excited about and can’t wait to share when everything has finally been confirmed. Despite exciting times ahead, I am really enjoying life being back to ‘normal’ and not having to worry about wedding colour or themes. Its a really lovely change of pace and something that I now know never to take for granted again. Not having to think about wedding (I sound like such a reluctant bride hahaha), has now given me more time to focus more on this beloved blog of mine! I will be working to post more often and do some more research blog posts – these are the type of blog posts I enjoy writing most. 

In saying that, I realised that in the midst of the craziness that is wedding planning I haven’t posted a skincare favourites blog post in quite some time. I think it is time to fix that by sharing six of my favourite skincare products that I have come across over the past two months. I have noticed a real hydration and nourishment theme in the products that I really enjoyed in February and March. I think this comes down to the amount of travel that the Mr and I did and also due to the fact we were staying in very air-conditioned rooms and when we weren’t staying in the hotel we would be out and about in the sun. Anyway, enough of me gas bagging – read on to find out what six products that I really enjoyed using since I last posted a Favourites blog post!

***Please note that any product marked with a * has been kindly gifted to me. I have included them in this post not because I feel the need to, but due to the fact that they did make a difference to my skin and I did really enjoy using them over the past two months. All opinions are my own honest opinions! 

Darphin Stimulskin Plus Serumask*

This is quite an interesting product from Darphin, as it combines a mask and serum (and perhaps even moisturiser) in one. It really is quite the multi-tasking product but I have enjoyed every aspect of it and it is wonderful to have this when travelling. The Darphin Stimulskin Plus Serumask comes in the form of a luxurious creamy texture that feels like a rich moisturiser when applied on to the skin. The product can be applied with the fingers or the brush that does come with the mask. Initially there is a slight tingle upon application that does quickly subside and the mask is to be left on for 10-15 minutes. The excess is then tissued off and/or massaged into the skin. From there, depending on how the skin feels, I can leave the skin as is or if my skin is feeling dry (or if I am on a plane), there is no harm in applying a moisturiser on top. The mask/serum mechanism is the mask is then left to work it magic and in the morning, the face is cleansed as per normal.

What this mask reveals the next day is a revitalised, rejuvenated and lifted complexion. My skin felt so soft, its texture was smooth and it looked quite plumped and hydrated. Its a real joy (and skin lifesaver) when using on flights as the mask not only keeps the skin hydrated on the flight but also manages to keep the skin looking fresh. Whilst the actual glass packaging is not so travel friendly, this product is easy enough to decant and take with me and for me, it really keeps the complexion balanced on those longer flights that seem to suck out the glow in any complexion. I love the fact the excess can be tissued off or massaged into the skin, making it such a discreet mask to use on flights.

What I love most about this mask is that it was such an easy mask to use and yet I got some fantastic results when using this. The Darphin Stimulskin Plus Serumask essentially acts as a mask, serum and moisturiser in one, little effort is required to get maximum benefit. Glowing, lifted, smooth and plump skin is revealed the next day and it really is the dream ‘lazy girl’ mask as it covers three crucial steps in one. 

The Darphin Stimulskin Plus Serumask comes in a luxurious 50ml jar that can be purchased from Darphin US for USD$180, Darphin UK for GBP£95 in Australia for AUD$193 at Mecca Cosmetica 

Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Mist*

If there is one item many of you may have noticed that is getting quite a workout lately in my routines, it would have to be the Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Mist. My skin absolutely LOVES this. This toner/mist is not just any ordinary toner that contains floral/botanical water, this mist is for those who want a little bit more oomph when it comes to a spray. The Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Mist is a cocktail of skin loving botanicals (Acai berries, rose water, orange stem cells) as well as being supercharged with actives such as niacinamide, probiotics, amino acids and colloidal silver which all work together to create a supercharged mist that will protect, calm and replenish the skin.

What I love about this mist by Allies of Skin is that it is not only quite hydrating  but it also works a dream to keep my skin feeling balanced throughout the day. It is wonderfully refreshing and makes for a fantastic desk side companion as well. One spritz all over and you will find that the Molecular Saviour Mist will plump the skin and give a beautiful natural healthy finish. This mist and I got along wonderfully whilst travelling due to the fact it is so hydrating and nourishing, keeping my skin replenished with some essential nutrients whilst flying. As the Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Mist it is quite potent with skin loving actives, I did notice a little tingle on my skin, however that did subside after about 20 seconds. The results afterwards is a complexion that is feeling fresh, hydrated and looking much more balanced and even in tone. I absolutely love the Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Mist and its simple and effective approach to giving the skin a little bit more of a boost. Again, the team at Allies of Skin have done it again with yet another amazing product – I hands down love this. 

The Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Mist comes in a 50ml size and can be purchased from Allies of Skin for SGD$79 and they do offer some great shipping option for international customers. 

Farmacy Beauty The Honey Potion*

Farmacy is brand that interests me because of its ‘farm to face’ philosophy, where the skincare range utilises unique farm grown botanicals which is then fused with science to enhance the goodness of the ingredients used. Each and every Farmacy product takes advantage of the brand’s patented Echinacea Purpurea, GreenEnvy. This ingredient contains a high concentration of the phytochemical Cichoric Acid, a potent natural antioxidant which helps protect and firm the skin by inhibiting the enzymes that break down collagen.

So…I have been wanting to try the Honey Potion since forever, which in turn made me have extremely high expectations due to rave reviews by many bloggers. This face mask definitely did have a lot of hype behind it and usually when things are hyped up, I cannot help but be bitterly disappointed. Every now and then though some products do live up to the hype and Farmacy’s The Honey Potion has definitely done that and more, which is why it has made it to my favourite for this month. The Honey Potion is a wash off face mask that is described as ‘a mask that nourishes and revitalises the skin for a glowing, smooth complexion‘. This product description pretty much hits the nail on the head with what this mask does for the skin and in the few times that I have used it, I am so blown away with how wonderful my skin looks and feels after using this. 

This mask does have a strange sticky honey like texture to being with, but as this is applied on the skin, the jelly like texture becomes a cream once massaged in to the face. Simply leave the mask on for about 10-15 minutes, feel the mask warm up and create a tingling sensation on the skin (which does go away) and wash the mask off once the time frame is up. Once I had washed this off, I immediately noticed that my skin felt softer and smoother. My skin was a little red in some areas (due to the warming and tingling sensation in the mask) but other than that, not a drastic difference in terms of glowing skin. Having read some reviews and comments from others, I knew the real magic was to happen overnight. With that in mind I continued with my normal routine and went to sleep…and what a difference some shut eye can do!

In the morning my skin feels incredibly soft to touch, smooth and it looks radiant. I found that my skin looked more even in tone and quite nourished as it was quite plump and firm. This mask had really fed my skin with much nourishment as my skin was so radiant and soft – it really did get a great nutrient boost! On one occasion I had a hormonal spot that was in its recovery phase but still looked a little red, when I used this mask, the redness in the area had completely gone and the spot had calmed down quite significantly. I have been so impressed at how my skin looks after using this mask (and some sleep too) and it is probably one of my favourite items for this month due to the results in how it left my skin looking and feeling. 

The Honey Potion by Farmacy Beauty comes in a beautiful 117g glass jar and retails for USD$56 at Farmacy Beauty and Sephora and in the UK it can be purchase from Cultbeauty for GBP£51. 

La Mer The Treatment Lotion

Please don’t hurt me when I say this, but I honestly have always thought that La Mer has been overrated considering their price point and the ingredients used in its formulations. I have never really seen the value in spending hundreds of dollars on their best selling face creams and serums as I do believe I can find something else at a fraction of the price. Somehow, La Mer’s The Treatment Lotion fell into my hands – it was a birthday gift from a friend and despite my feelings about the brand, I thought why not give it a go. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Treatment Lotion is very much like an essence – the texture of this is slightly more viscous than water but more lightweight than a serum. I find this quite versatile for my skincare stash as I can use it as a toner as it calms my skin down and reduces any redness and preps the skin quite nicely. I also enjoy using this as a serum and putting a moisturiser on top to lock in the product itself. The other way I used this (and save this for really lazy, stinking hot and humid day) is that I would just cleanse my face, tone and then use the La Mer Treatment Lotion as a serum and moisturiser in one.

The reason why this lotion/essence works so well is that product itself is quite nourishing for the skin due to the hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts and minerals used in its formulation. I find that when I do use this, my skin feels quite hydrated, any redness is reduced and that everything I put on top of my skin after this absorbs a lot better.  My skin appears healthier when I use this as the lotion has an immediate brightening effect and leaves a subtle glow. Due to the fact it is so nourishing and hydrating, this is perfectly fine to use on its own in humid or warmer climates. Those who live in a colder climate, the La Mer Treatment Lotion is a great foundation to any skincare routine as every other product glides on and sinks in effortlessly after applying this. This La Mer product is most definitely a surprise like for me, and whilst it does retail for AUD$165, it does come in a 150ml bottle a few drops is enough to cover an entire face. In comparison to other La Mer products, I do think this is quite well priced and that a bottle will last quite some time. 

The La Mer Treatment Lotion comes in a 150ml bottle and can be purchased from La Mer US for USD$140, La Mer UK for GBP£100 and Mecca Cosmetica for AUD$165

Ocinium Ecdysis Bio Ferment Enzyme Cleanse*

Ocinium has been a brand that has really interested me since 2017 commenced, the founder Cassandra Hilton is just filled with so much wonderful knowledge and passion about all things skin and skincare. I was lucky enough to have her share her latest release with me – Ecdysis, a creamy cleanser that is filled with enzymes, fermented botanicals and the best natural ingredients that one can find to benefit the skin. 

What I have really loved and enjoyed about this cleanser is that it seems to have a little bit more oomph than other cleansers that I own. It has a really beautiful, silky smooth creamy consistency that glides on so easily on to the skin and creates enough slip to be massaged into the skin. As this formulation does contain probiotic fruit enzymes and AHAs, I find that this cleanser does cleanse the skin a little bit deeper than most cleansers but it is still gentle enough to use everyday. I have loved using this cleanser in warmer months as I feel that the Ocinium Ecdysis Cleanser to be more effective at really giving the skin a thorough cleanse (goodbye sweat!) and the addition of AHAs allows the cleanser to really try and unclog any impurities in the skin. The addition of the botanical oils and extracts in this cleanser allows it to be nourishing enough to use everyday and also helps precent the skin from feeling tight or stripped. The benefits of niacinamide has also been utlitised and is also used in this formulation to help balance and calm the skin. 

Overall, I have loved using the Ocinium Ecdysis cleanser due to the fact it gives a deeper, more thorough cleanse whilst also keeping the skin feel soft, smooth and in no way tight or stripped. The Ocinium Ecdysis Bio Ferment Enzyme Cleanse comes in a 100ml glass pump and can be purchased from Ocinium for AUD$70. 

Algenist Power Recharging Night Pressed Serum

I am always impressed with some of the products that Algenist release and the Power Recharging Night Pressed Serum is no exception to this. This serum comes in almost a balm form and is described as a ‘highly concentrated solid serum that aims to regenerate, smooth and recharge the skin’. Its texture is quite surprising as it feels quite rich in the jar packaging however when massaged and patted in to the face, the serum sinks in and feels quite on the skin.  The fact the Algenist Power Recharging Night Pressed Serum is well…a pressed serum, makes it quite fuss free to travel as there is no risk of spillage and mess and it is relatively easy to work with. 

What I love about the Algenist Power Recharging Night Pressed Serum is that results are overnight. This potent cocktail of patented actives managed to calm down redness completely in my cheeks, create softer supple skin, give off a healthy, refreshed glow that even the Mr noticed enough to comment. I enjoyed taking this on my honeymoon as the pressed serum just gave my skin that extra lift and nourishment needed from flying and spending time in the sun. It kept my skin in check and due to its calming properties was a great way to treat the skin with some extra nourishment and TLC from being in the sun. This serum is also quite hydrating, keeping the skin quite firm and plump and can be worn by itself or with another additional moisturiser.

I can’t wait to use it even more in the upcoming colder months to see how my skin reacts with this product. So far though, the results have been really promising. Overall I have really enjoyed everything about this product – from the texture, ease of use and and I just love the instant gratification that I get from using this serum (as opposed to waiting a few weeks for a visible effect). 

The Algenist Power Recharging Night Pressed Serum comes in a 60ml jar and can be purchased from Sephora or Algenist (ships worldwide) for USD$95.

Have you used any of the above products? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear what you think in the comments section below!





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