Life’s Little Luxuries: MINTD Beauty Subscription Box (Review)


If there has been one thing that I have enjoyed receiving in the mail over the short period of time that I have been blogging, it is beauty subscription boxes. They really are like a little treat in the mail. I find that beauty boxes are not just all about whats inside the box – its also the experience when it comes to receiving the box, opening the box and having the opportunity to discover what has been carefully curated inside. It is that element of surprise that makes beauty subscription boxes exciting and so much fun to receive. You never know what you will get and it is very much like receiving a birthday or Christmas present. The biggest difference is that you have the potential to receive one every month! 

Late last year, I had the opportunity to receive a box from MINTD Box – a truly luxurious beauty subscription service that has been carefully curated by Cheryl Botchway and her team. Each box edition has a theme that suits the month (ie. the current January box is all about recharging for the New Year) and contains a minimum of 4-5 full size and deluxe sized luxury beauty products from across the globe housed in a beautiful white box. The experience from unboxing to unwrapping and the joy of each product discovery makes MINTD Box an opulent affair and a most enjoyable one too. I received the December edit, aptly named ‘Enchanted’ and with an edit like this, I was completely blown away.  

***Please note*** This box and its products were kindly gifted to me in exchange for a review by MINTD Box. I knew I was going to love this edit and the brands and products featured, which is why I kindly accepted. I love a lot of the brands featured in their December edit and it truly was such a fantastic experience. Whilst I have been gifted this item, please note that all my opinion are of my own and are my honest opinions. 

Beauty is in the small details and when unboxing December’s Enchanted Box, I was so impressed with the small, yet luxurious details of how this box was presented. Housed in a minimal white hard box with a fine rose gold embossing, it was quite exciting to lift up the magnetic closure of this edit. What was revealed was a beautifully and carefully wrapped tissue with the MINTD Box seal concealing all the beautiful products that would be featured in this edit. The first thing that hits me is, of course, the scent. Whatever was inside the box smelt absolutely beautiful, which further heightened the experience for me. When I finally tore through the delicate white tissue, what was revealed was enchanting treasures from brands such as Votary London, De Mamiel, African Botanics, Oribe and Skin Laundry. 


I love receiving beauty boxes and for me, I find that beauty boxes are a great way to discover new brands and products. Whilst with the MINTD Box already contained brands that I knew of prior to receiving this edit, they were (as I am sure many of you already know) brands that I absolutely love. Some products I had tried before and others, whilst I was familiar with the brand; were quite new to me. 

I was completely blown away when I saw that there was a full size (30ml) Votary London Jasmine and Calendula Facial Oil in the MINTD’s December Edit – for me, this was definitely a highlight. I have long had a fascination with Votary London as I have enjoyed using their cleansing oil and it was amazing to have the opportunity to try something else in their range. Whilst I haven’t used the  Rose Maroc and Sandalwood Facial Oil as much to comment on efficacy, the scent, feel and texture is what I would expect from the brand. This is oil is nourishing but doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on the skin as it sinks in effortlessly and the scent is wonderous.  The Votary London Jasmine and Calendula Facial Oil is a luxurious product and is an amazing addition to the Enchanted Box as it is valued at GPB£65. When you think about it, it is almost the price of the box itself! 


Whilst, most of the brands were brands that I knew of and have tried before, one brand that I was not well acquainted with in the December edit was Skin Laundry. Skin Laundry was an exciting discovery for me as I have seen this brand make its rounds on Instagram but have never really taken the plunge to go out and purchase any products from the range. The number of times I have added its cleansers and serums to my cart on Cultbeauty may be surprising to some! The Renewing Eye Cream featured in the December edition of MINTD Box was indeed the perfect introduction to the brand. When I have used this, I immediately notice that the puffiness around my eyes is diminished and that it helps to immediately plump around the eye area. Its a great first impression from the brand itself and will perhaps take that plunge and purchase some products from the line later on down the track. The Skin Laundry Renewing Eye Cream is valued at GPB£25 and is another full sized product (15ml). 


De Mamiel is another luxury green beauty brand that makes an appearance in MINTD’s December Edit and whilst I am normally accustomed to the skincare items from De Mamiel range, it was nice to be introduced to other products in the line. De Mamiel is a brand that is famed for the scents of each and every product, its founder Annee De Mamiel is, after all, a qualified aromatherapist. The Altitude Oil was a pleasant surprise in this edition. It is not necessarily a skincare product, but it has clearly been product curated for its aromatherapy benefits, considering the time of year (holidays and travel!). This inhalation oil was created by Annee to help keep a clear head and energise the mind when travelling, thus its name, Altitude Oil. Whilst I don’t normally use aromatherapy in my everyday life, I took this with me in the few times I have travelled over the Christmas and New Years break to try. On the 6 hour flight, this scent was a welcome addition to the stuffy plane air – in short, it smelt absolutely wonderful. Not overpowering or overbearing, just light and enough to relax and calm the senses. Even the flight attendant commented on it beautiful and delicate scent. The Altitude Oil was a welcome surprise and product that I would never normally purchase. The De Mamiel Altitude Oil featured was a full sized product and is valued at GPB£28 for 10ml.


Recently, I was introduced to the Oribe haircare range by the lovely @skinmusings and since discovering this brand, it has replaced all my haircare products as I have loved it that much. It was so exciting to receive some of the beauty products from the Oribe range in MINTD box’s December edition as it was a range that I was curious to know more about. The Oribe Balmessence Lip Treatment is possibly one of the most expensive dedicated lip balms (valued at GPB£27) I have ever used, however, I find that this is much more than just a lip balm. The Balmessence lip treatment works so well as a lip primer and smoother as it helps to keep my matte lipstick all in one place, as well as working to keep my lips soft and nourished. As a primer, it almost works as well as my beloved MAC Prep and Prime Lip, however, unlike the MAC primer, this lip balm keeps my lips nourished on those extra dry lip days. Again, the Oribe Balmessence Lip Treatment is another full-sized addition to MINTD’s December curation and retails for GPB£27. 


African Botanics is a brand that I don’t need an introduction to as its a brand that I am well and truly hooked on and love. I honestly don’t think they could put a foot wrong in their skincare creations. The Enchanted December Edit features a deluxe travel size version of the African Botanics Mineral Cleansing Mask – a fantastic mud/clay mask that helps to purify and give the skin a deeper clean. I have used this quite a bit over the past year and it is truly an amazing mask to help clear and decongest the skin. It gives the complexion a beautiful, radiant glow and pulls out impurities in the skin. I find that unlike a lot of clay masks out there, this doesn’t dry out the complexion due to its use of botanical oils. It gives the skin a healthy radiance whilst also respecting the skin’s natural oils. The African Botanics Mineral Cleansing Mask is a fantastic mask and I was so pleased to get a cute little travel size (15ml) as I know these come in handy when travelling. 


For GPB£70 (converted it is USD$100 and AUD$125) per box, the MINTD Beauty Boxes are in no way cheap and are considered as an indulgent treat. However, they are filled with some of the most beautiful, high quality and incredibly luxe products on the market. Each product has clearly been curated with much thought and care by the MINTD Box team to give a unique, extravagant experience. You can really tell that the team behind MINTD really do believe in presenting with their customers some of the best luxury beauty products available in their edits. Brands such as Votary London, African Botanics and De Mamiel are often found in niche boutiques or high-end department stores and to have them in their December shows the quality and pride behind their boxes.  

Overall, I find that the MINTD Beauty Boxes to be a fantastic treat for yourself or a loved one. The boxes are a truly indulgent, allowing the receiver to try products that they would not normally have the opportunity to experience. As mentioned, the boxes are a little more expensive than other beauty boxes out there, however, the brands featured in each edit are truly high end, niche luxury brands. There is no denying that there is value for money in each edition, as the total value of each box is generally more than double of what is paid. I personally loved the December Enchanted Edition and it looks like January’s Recharge themed edition is also filled with some amazing goodies from Sunday Riley, Anne Semonin and Rodial Skincare. These boxes are just such a great way to indulge, escape and enjoy some of the finer things in life.

The value of the December box itself is over £170 (converted it is approx. USD$245 and AUD$300) which is a huge saving. At GPB£70 I do find that these boxes are well worth it for those who love luxury beauty products and want to indulge. They also make the most amazing gift for a mother, sister or best friend. This particular edit was filled with high-end luxury products from brands that I personally love but with the added bonus of trying products, I wouldn’t normally go out of my way to try. Without question, I loved the curation of both products and brands from December’s Enchanted Edition as it truly was an indulgent, luxurious and beautiful experience to have. 

You can subscribe to MINTD Box on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for GPB£70 per box at MINTD Box directly. Those who are new members also have the opportunity receive complimentary shipping their very first box. 

Have you tried MINTD Box? What were your thoughts? What is your favourite beauty subscription box out there at the moment? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 





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