Hi there! 

Welcome to my little nook on the internet where I would like to share some of my thoughts and musings in the world of skincare, beauty and life in general. 

My passion is first and foremost skincare, I believe that when you have good skin, less make-up is required. This works for me as I am terrible at applying makeup! I wouldn’t know how to contour to save my life. I do believe that make-up however should enhance your natural beauty and not change the way you look completely. 

My skin type is combination – where I am and can get quite oily around the T-Zone but I do have very dry cheeks. I also have the added bonus of having really sensitive skin (yay!) which sometimes makes it hard for me to buy some products. As I have currently relocated to live overseas with my partner, another one of my concerns in free radical/pollution damage on my skin. I will be forever looking for those cutting edge products with prevent the damage of these toxins. I do try to avoid certain ingredients in my skincare – these are mainly mineral oil and certain alcohols (ie. alcohol denatured). Where possible I always try my best to look at the ingredients list before I buy and I do like to research and read other’s reviews as well. 

Which I guess brings me back to this blog, I feel that the internet and the ‘skincare addicted’ community (you guys know who you are!) have given me so much information. I guess in return I would like to give back or provide another point of view for those who are thinking or contemplating on buying a certain product. Alot of the skincare I do buy is not ‘cheap’ (although I do love some drugstore buys!) and I do believe that in purchasing these items, it is always good to make a well informed choice. The whole point of this blog I guess is for me to provide another point of view and just a little bit of fun as well!

Have a lovely day and thank you for taking the time to peruse my little corner!