Five New Skincare Products that I Loved in November


November is fast approaching to an end and we are on the home stretch for the final month of 2016 – December. November has been an exciting month for me as I had the chance to travel again to several different countries (even though it was for business or wedding purposes) and also the have had the amazing opportunity to meet and connect some amazing and inspiring people. I feel that I have learnt so much in the past 25 days and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge. As I look back and reflect on November, I realise that it has been a fantastic and incredibly productive month 

This month’s November skincare favourites has been a tough one, as I have had the chance to try some fantastic products and I have also added a few different products into my routines as well. It was so hard for me to narrow it down to my usual five favourites. This month, I have found that there have been some stand outs in the new products that I have tried (Jordan Samuel Skin, I am looking at you) and some pleasant surprises too!

Please note that anything marked with a * has been kindly gifted to me with no expectations of me writing or reviewing their products in anyway. However, I do love to share products that I personally love and these products included in today’s post have truly been fantastic! All opinions are my own and are my complete honest opinion as well!

Precious Skin Elixirs Tourmaline Elixir*

I had the wonderful chance to connect with the lovely Marissa from Precious Skin Elixirs a few months ago about her skincare line and I have really enjoyed our email conversations as she is such a beautiful, friendly and passionate soul. Marissa was kind enough to share with me her Tourmaline Radiance Elixir which is a face oil which is handcrafted with unique ingredients such as prickly pear seed oil, seabuckthorn berry seed oil and maracuja seed oil. These oils work together to brighten, repair, calm and rejuvenate the skin. This oil has been formulated to help brighten and restore vibrancy to the skin. One thing that did attract me to this particular oil is that prickly pear seed oil is first thing listed on the ingredients listing. It is said that this particular oil helps to brighten the skin due to the fact it is so high in antioxidants, as well as being quite nourishing to the skin. 

What I love about this oil is the texture and its beautiful, warm and inviting golden colour.  The colour is so rich that it really is like liquid gold. The consistency feels luxurious as the oil feels thick but when patted into the skin, sinks immediately to give a subtle lit from within glow. I find that it also does lift my complexion when it does get tired looking or dull due to lack of sleep. It sort of works a little bit like a pick me up for the skin, if you get what I mean hahaha. Due to the nature of the oils used in the Tourmaline Radiance Elixir, I find that the oil is incredibly nourishing for the skin. It seems to be so rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids that my skin immediately feels nourished and soft but over the span of a week (with constant use), I find that my skin definitely looks more radiant, plump and its texture has greatly improved. 

Oh and the smell of this…it smells divine and in no way offensive, even for those who do not like scents. The smell of this oil is incredibly light with a slight warm floral and citrus scent and immediately brings me a sense of calm. I also love the fact that this oil is a pump and not a dropper! 

The Precious Skin Elixirs Tourmaline Radiance Elixir can be purchased directly from Precious Skin Elixirs for USD$120 for 30ml. 

Jordan Samuel Skin Plie Treatment Cleanser

Two words really: LOVE THIS. Enough said. I absolute love this cleanser and would go to say it is now one that I can’t live without. Make-up doesn’t stand a chance with this and it is so easy to work with. I wrote a whole review expressing my love for this cleanser last week here, so I won’t go on too much about it other than the fact I love this. 

Jordan Samuel Skin Plie Treatment Cleanser retails for USD$24 for 100ml from the Jordan Samuel Skin website

African Botanics Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum*

I was extremely fortunate enough to have been sent some products from natural and luxury skincare label, African Botanics and to be honest, everything that I have used so far in the brand has been fantastic. There are actually so many favourites and I did manage to narrow it down to two products.  After much debate on whether or not the Fleurs d’Afriques or the Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum should make it on the list – I ended up choosing the latter (and that decision was so hard!) as I found myself constantly reaching for this when I was travelling overseas to a more humid Asian climate.

This serum performs like a dream and is now a must for me when I travel as it works to hydrate, calm, soothe, rejuvenate and replenish the skin with much needed nutrients on a flight. I find that when I use this in conjunction with a face oil, my skin has looked the best its ever been during and after a flight. The reason being (and the reason why I love this so much) is that my skin doesn’t seem to break out or react as badly after being on the plane when I use this,  a rare occurrence for me. I also love the feel of this on the skin as the serum has a beautiful and slightly viscous consistency that sinks effortlessly in to the skin, it also feels extremely cooling and relaxing upon application. When using this on a normal/regular basis (I used this almost every night whilst I was away) I found that my overall skin health had improved; looking brighter, firmer and well hydrated. I was completely blown away with just how well this serum performed as the difference in my skin, especially from all the travel was remarkable. My skin has never been or felt better after travelling on the plane and the main thing that changed was the addition of this serum.

I find that overall, the African Botanics Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum is a workhorse when it comes to both improving and maintaining overall skin health and to give the complexion a radiance boost. I find that it is incredibly effective as it works so well to help fuel and replenish the skin with much needed nutrients overnight, leaving me to wake up in the morning with a healthy and refreshed complexion. 

The African Botanics Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum can be purchased from African Botanics, Cult Beauty or Mecca Cosmetica for USD$160, GBP£132 or AUD$233. Currently these is a Black Friday sale occuring on the African Botanics website. Use the code blackfriday to get 30% off your order!

5YINA Lucent Summer Hydrolat*

The 5YINA Summer Hydrolat has worked as an amazing toner and skin refresher which I have found myself often using as an everyday toner, for the gym and also for travel. What I love about this Hydrolat is not only does it have a beautiful and delicate scent, it also works wonders in helping to calm the skin and also acts a brilliant boost of hydration for the complexion. I actually really enjoy using this during an intense cardio session as not only does it decrease any redness, it also helps to replenish my skin with nutrients from the use of traditional Chinese herbs. It also works well to keep my skin hydrated without feeling like a thick sticky film after a workout.

I also find that the 5YINA Lucent Hydrolat is brilliant for flights (a great companion to the African Botanics serum) as it does give the skin an extra boost of hydration and also helps to maintain a glowing complexion on flights. The misting device on this is very effective as I find it does actually ‘mist’ over the face instead of projecting product on the skin unevenly. When applied onto the skin, the mist immediately feels cooling and calming making it great for a hot day or when I am working up a sweat. The Lucent Hydrolat overall is so refreshing, calming and hydrating for the skin and I can’t wait to use it more over the hotter Australian summer months.

The 5YINA Lucent Summer Hydrolat is available from the 5YINA website for USD$45 for 60ml. Those of you who do reside internationally, can use the code GETDIVINE for any order above USD$100 for USD$20 off shipping (free standard shipping) and also an additional special gift with your order! 

Sodashi Skincare Eye Mask

My first experience with the Sodashi Eye Mask was at my luxuriously indulgent facial at Bodhi J Wellness Spa almost a month ago. In a professional setting, the results that I got from this eye mask were wonderful. I had not been getting very much sleep and this was definitely showing underneath my eye area. After using this mask around the eye area, both myself and my facialist noticed a huge improvement – my eyes were no longer puffy and my dark circles, whilst not completely gone (this would be almost impossible), were much brighter. I felt that the area around my eyes looked much more revitalised and awake. After seeing these fantastic results, I purchased the Sodashi Eye Mask straight away – I was so impressed with the difference it had made in the area. 

Since purchasing this mask, I have used it a few times and each and every time it has made a difference around the delicate area around my eyes. I notice that as soon as I remove this mask, my eye area is no longer puffy, the skin around the bottom is firmer and most importantly the eye area looks illuminated, even in tone and most importantly brighter. The eye mask is almost like a concentrated eye cream in which you wash off in about 20 minutes, giving an instant lift in the orbital area.  I normally use this eye mask when I really need it, but I think going forward I will strive to use this 1-2 times a week to see whether or not constant use will further improve the amazing brightening results I get from this mask. I am so glad that Bodhi J spa used this wonderful and amazing mask on me in my treatment as it was enough convince me that I needed this in my life (and I was right hahaha!)

The Sodashi Skincare Eye Mask is AUD$123.50 and can be purchased directly from Sodashi Skincare or from Peachy Clean. Both online store fronts offer international shipping! 

Have you tried any of the above products before? What did you think of them? Did you love them as much I do? I would love to hear what you think in the comments sections below!





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