Five New Skincare Items I Loving this January 2017


Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have taken such a while to post, the past one and half weeks have been hectic with finalising bits and pieces for the wedding…which is happening in less than FIVE WEEKS I might add. A lot of things have been pushed to the side and unfortunately my little blog has been neglected – I am so sorry to all of your who regularly read my blog. In the lead up to the wedding – I may be a little busy but I will try my best to post at least once a week, I love this blog and creating content and writing about skincare really does take me to a happy place! 

In the lead up to my wedding I have come across some amazing new products and this January has been no exception when it comes to new products to play with. In the festive holidays I allowed myself to splurge a little in the Black Friday sales and purchased myself a few goodies from Mahalo Skincare and Allies of Skin. I also had the opportunity to try some Zelens goodies from Maslow & Co (who now stock some of the brand!). In late December I also had the privilege to try and discover Lina Hanson through the extremely impressive Boxwalla subscription service, as well as having the wonderful ladies at 5YINA share with me their gorgeous Enlighten Spring Collection. These wonderful products have stood out in the last month to become some of my favourites products for the first and action packed month of 2017!

Lina Hanson Global Face Trio

My interest in the Lina Hanson range all started when her beautiful travel photos of Thailand came up on my news feed and seeing these images reminded me so much of my own travels in South East Asia and how much fun I had. From these images I started to read a little bit more about Lina’s minimal and multitasking range, using ingredients in which she has sourced all over the world in her travels. Lina’s interest in unique ingredients and skincare rituals was something that I found quite fascinating about her range and also the fact she overall is such a genuinely beautiful person to chat to! 

When the lovely Lavanya of The Boxwalla sent me their wonderful ‘Let It Glow’ beauty box edit at the end of last year, I found that I was lucky enough to receive Lina Hanson’s Global Face Trio – a cleanser, exfoliator and mask in one. The way the product works is that the product itself comes in a dry powdered form and how you wish to use the product depends on how much liquid added to the powder. The Global Face trio aims help to purify, balance, brighten and clarify the skin whilst minimising bench space and luggage space as it is such a multifunctional product. 

As mentioned before, Lina travels the world to source ingredients and one of the stars of the Global Face Trio is the use of thanaka. This ingredient comes from the bark of the thanaka tree and has been used by Burmese women for generations due to it skin care properties as it is believed to help with acne due to its anti-fungal properties. It also uses clay which is known to help purify and deeply cleanse the skin as well as ginseng which has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries due and studies have shown promising results in the areas of anti-ageing due to increased collagen synthesis

What I love about this is that Lina’s Global Face Trio leaves my skin so soft, smooth and brightened after using this as a cleanser (my favourite way to use this). When mixed with water, it makes for such a gentle yet potent cleanser that really leaves my skin looking glowing, soft and so baby smooth. The ‘powder’ in this works so well to gentle buff away and exfoliate the skin without leaving it stripped, dry or raw. The Global Face Trio is multipurpose, so to use as an exfoliator use less water when mixing and when using as a mask, leave it on for a little longer for the product to work it’s magic in purifying the skin. My hands down favourite way to use this however, is as an actual cleanser mixed with some white or green tea (would work wonderfully as a mask too) as the addition of tea calms and soothes the skin, whilst the unique blend of ingredients such as thanaka, clay, lemongrass and ginseng work to help keep the skin looking radiant, clear and silky smooth. 

Overall, I have really, enjoyed using Lina Hanson’s Global Face Trio and I am so glad that The Boxwalla box that I received included this amazing product in it’s edit. It really has become a favourite and I think I will most definitely repurchase this when I have finished it. You can subscribe to The Boxwalla to discover new green beauty products like Lina Hanson’s Global Face Trio or purchase the Global Face Trio from the Lina Hanson website for USD$70 for a 100ml jar. 

Zelens Transformer Instant Renewal Mask

Zelens Skincare is a brand that is often raved about by none other than Caroline Hirons and for good reason as well, his products do work for many. The Transformer Instant Renewal Mask is no exception to this and it is used in the Zelens signature red carpet facial for good reason. It just lifts, firms and energises the the skin in all the right places, making dull tired skin look fresh, glowing and radiant. I find that it does reduce any redness and overall evens out the skin tone once washed off as well.

I really enjoyed using this before an ‘event’ or a ‘special outing’ as for me, the difference it made to my skin was remarkable. It really boosted my complexion, further enhancing the way my makeup application looks as it lifts the skin leaving it brighter and glowing. Due to the fact this mask also plumps and hydrates the skin in all the right places, makeup just glides on as it gives such a beautiful smooth base. 

The Zelens Skincare Transformer Instant Renewal Mask is marketed as an anti-ageing mask as it is supposed to renew the skin, however I do think that most skin types can use this, especially if the skin is in need of a pick me up. I find that this mask is perfect for a little boost or before an event as the instant lift it gives the skin makes such a huge difference – a difference where I am willing to pay GBP £95 for. I will most definitely be applying this the evening before my wedding (or perhaps on the day…except my day does begin at 4am in the morning) to give my skin that little bit extra oomph and to of course potentially hide any exhaustion that will show on my face. 

This wonderful Zelens Skincare Transformer Instant Renewal Mask can be purchased from the Zelens website for GBP £95 and Maslow & Co for AUD$195 for a 50ml jar. 

5YINA Enlighten Range

5YINA would have to be one of my favourite skincare brands out there and everything that I have tried, I have really enjoyed using. I love the brand’s face oils and hydrolat toners and their sheet masks are among one of the best I have ever used. The brand’s founders are fascinating, inspiring, intelligent and overall just really remarkable women who have such a passion in what they do. I love the fact that 5YINA are that little bit different in terms of infusing traditional Chinese herbs and medicines in each and every product and this is what makes the brand so unique.

5YINA’s Enlighten “Spring” range has been such a joy to use over the past few weeks and both its face oil and hydrolat have not disappointed me at all. Whilst it is too early to speak of any dramatic differences in skin when using the 5YINA Enlighten Spring Face Oil, I can happily say that the oil itself feels beautiful on the skin. It has lovely silky lightweight texture that glides so nicely on the skin’s surface and sinks into the skin effortlessly. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue and gives the skin a little glow. I also find it quite hydrating and it really helps those dry patches that I often get on my cheeks and calms down any irritation of redness that I sometimes get near the neck and jawline (yay eczema). This beautiful lightweight oil has a base of camellia seed oil which is high in fatty acids and a great oil for most skin types which is infused with traditional Chinese herbs such as tremella (helps with the skin’s barrier protection), peony root (an anti-inflammatory and skin brightening ingredient) and astragalus (helps fight free radicals and aids with anti-ageing). Whilst I haven’t seen much brightening within the skin as of yet, this oil most definitely leaves my skin feeling nourished, hydrated and calm when used. 

The 5YINA Enlighten Spring Hydrolat is the most gorgeous toner – I was a huge fan of the brand’s Lucent Summer Hydrolat but the Spring Hydrolat offers some tough competition. This hydrolat is infused with beautiful ingredients that remind you so much of spring with rose and white tea in it’s formulation. It also contains Chinese herbs such as a species of Chinese mushroom (said to have anti-inflammatory properties and also helps to strengthen the skin), Schisandra Berries (high in antioxidants) and peony root (to help brighten the skin). I love using this in the morning as it has such a beautiful uplifting scent to awaken the senses. I am also a huge fan of taking it with me to boxing as it calms, refreshed and soothes the skin, reducing redness and overall helps to cool me down. 

Using the two products together leaves my skin feeling so calm and so soft. I love to mist the Enlighten Hydrolat over my face after cleansing and then lightly tap the Enlighten Face Oil on the top. I find that this combination and method gets the best out of the two products and leaves my skin looking glowing but also really puts me in such a happy mood.

The 5YINA Enlighten range can be purchase from the 5YINA website, with the Enlighten Spring Hydrolat at USD$45 for 60ml and the Enlighten Spring Face Oil at  USD$145 for 30ml.

Mahalo Skincare Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate

This beautiful cleansing balm by Mahalo Skincare is my first product that I have ever tried from the brand, and I must say, what a pleasant introduction to the Mahalo brand is has been! I was first intrigued with the Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate when it was released due to its beautiful green colour which reminded me very much of my favourite food flavour – matcha. Funnily enough, when I looked into further detail the Mahalo Skincare Unveil Cleanser Melt contains matcha green tea in its ingredient listing which is fantastic to see as green tea is a well documented anti-inflammatory and excellent source of antioxidants. The Unveil Cleanser Melt also contains wonderful blend of nourishing oils such as sweet almond oil, avocado butter, macadamia oil and cocoa oil (to name a few) to give this cleanser a beautiful balm like consistency that literally melts into the palm of the hand. It also contains enzymes that come from papaya which also help to gently exfoliate the skin and offer a deeper level of cleansing without stripping the skin of its natural oils. 

What I love about this cleanser is that it melts so beautifully in to an oil which makes it quite enjoyable to massage into the skin but it also emulsifies quite nicely into a milk – very much like OSKIA’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel. It leaves my skin feeling really soft, nourished, refreshed and it reveals beautiful clean skin. What I enjoy most about this cleanser is the actual entire experience – from the moment the jar is opened, the scent of this is so wonderful and intoxicating. It makes it such a pleasure to use and it really is such a sensory delight. I also love that this just melts into the palm of the hand and glides so wonderfully to thoroughly clean the complexion but it also has enough slip to gives the face a really invigorating massage. What I also enjoy about this entire experience is the fact that this cleanser does emulsify into a milk that does comes off the face quite easily leaving so balmy residue and little need for a flannel (I still used one anyway). 

By all means, the Mahalo Skincare Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate is not cheap – it does cost USD$70 for a 50ml jar which is most definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you love cleansing balms (or cleansers in general) and enjoy the whole experience of one then this is a great product to invest in. However, for those who do not have the patience or don’t enjoy using balm cleanser, then this product would not be the right fit for you. I absolutely enjoy using this as I love my cleansers and the whole experience of using this particular one by Mahalo Skincare has been such a beautiful addition to my skincare ritual. 

The Mahalo Skincare Unveil Cleanser Melt Concentrate can be purchased from the Mahalo website for USD$70 for 50ml.

Allies of Skin 1A Overnight Mask

My love for Allies of Skin started some time ago, when I received some samples from a Cultbeauty order. I loved the samples that I used so much that I went and purchased the full size 1A All Day Face Mask. When I purchased the 1A All Day Face Mask, I was lucky enough to receive a generous sample of the 1A Overnight Face Mask and so my love affair with Allies of Skin continues. 

This ‘mask’ is very much like a night cream in terms of feel and consistency but acts like a Korean sleeping pack or ‘overnight mask’. I love the fact that it feels that little bit more heavier than a day cream but still feels lightweight on the skin. It sinks into the face quite well and doesn’t leave that greasy feeling behind nor does it feel heavy on the skin. In terms of results – I can tell you know that the 1A Overnight Mask packs a real punch – I have used this on and off for a few weeks now and with my stress levels at an all time high (thank you wedding), I have noticed that my skin has looked a lot more ‘happier’ when I use this overnight. My tired skin (it literally is tired from lack of sleep) looks like it has had some rest with my ridiculous 4-5 hours sleep a night and those random break outs that I had? In conjunction with a little spot treatment, the Allies of Skin 1A Overnight Mask has helped to calm down those pesky spots right down.

I find that this mask does a little bit more than just to keep the skin hydrated, it really packs a punch in other areas as well. Whilst I can’t comment on results such as reduced scarring or pigmentation (this would require time) as of yet, I have noticed that my skin does look significantly healthier when I do use this on evenings where I just haven’t slept. This moisturiser/mask works so well to hide away sleepless nights and brighten tired looking skin. When used with the 1A All Day Mask, the results are further intensified. If I had to use one night cream for the rest of my life, I would say that the Allies of Skin 1A Overnight Mask would be a very, very strong contender. I love using this not only for the texture but also the way it leaves my skin looking and feeling the next day.  

The Allies of Skin 1A Overnight Mask can be purchased from the Allies of Skin website for SGD$129 or from Cultbeauty for £75 for a 50ml pump tube. 

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