Four Brands That Do Skincare for the Four Seasons


Four Brands That Do Skincare for the Four Seasons

The concept of ‘seasonal skincare’ is fairly new in the skincare industry, which is quite strange considering how many of us know that our skin changes throughout the year according to the seasons and the weather. Many of use will often use a different moisturiser or have a different focus in our skincare routine, whether it be something lightweight in the hot summer, to something more rich and moisturising in winter. However, the concept of a serum, facial oil or moisturiser blended specifically to address certain concerns within the skin for a particular season, is a concept that is fairly new in the skincare industry and I am finding that it is new or brands with a organic/natural focus that is paving the way in this area. 

In a consumer report launched by Mintel in 2014, seasonal product launches accounted for as many as 11% of all beauty and personal-care launches in 2014, up from 10% in 2011. What is also more impressive is that, seasonal facial skincare launches rose from 0.5% of global launches in 2009 to 1.2% in 2014. Beauty manufacturers are slowly cottoning on to the fact that consumers are becoming more aware of how the changes in their environment effect both their skin and hair and are looking for solutions to perhaps overcome these concerns. Mintel highlights that there is a gap in the market, their consumer research has revealed that there is a strong global consumer demand for skincare launches that focus on changing seasons. For example, their research shows that 80% of German consumers say that their skincare needs change throughout the year and in China, 48% of female consumers will choose products from different brands according to the seasons. 

Seasonal skincare makes sense, especially in countries where there is a vast difference in temperatures from season to season (yes, China I am looking at you and your crazy heat and humidity and freezing cold temperatures in Winter, I am so used to Australian temperatures where the extremes are so vast). I thought I would compile a list of brands that I do know that seem to be leading the trend in seasonal skincare and produce skincare oils/serums for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. 

Codage Paris


I have spoken about Codage Paris before on the blog, having already owned a few of their serums (which I love) and I guess this is the brand that introduced me to the concept of seasonal skincare. Whilst I knew in the back of my mind that my skincare needs are vastly different from summer to winter, I never thought that I could have a specialised serum for each season. It was when I walked into Mecca Cosmetica before I left to China that I was introduced to this unique brand which contains a ‘serum wardrobe’ of 11 different types of serums. Each of these different serums target the skin’s specific needs such as hydration, radiance and hyperpigmentation just to name a few. On top of these 11 serums, Codage also has created 4 different and completely unique serums that address the different concerns of the skin within each of the 4 seasons. Each serum has a fun name such as: Summer Time, Fall in Love (Autumn/Fall), Spring Break and Oh My Cold!

Following on from the brand’s personalised approach to skincare – each serum has their own special ‘code’ which falls in line with the brand’s French Apothecary feel (read more about it in my post here). Summer Time, for example has its own unique coded blend which aims to help moisturise, mattify, soothe and protect the skin from pollutants. It also has a tanning activator that help increase the synthesis of melanin to avoid hyperpigmentation in the skin and to even out the skins complexion when in the sun. Spring Break helps to restore the skin from being lack lustre and dull from the winter months, it also contains moisturising and repairing properties in its unique formulation as well as detoxifying agents to help prepare the skin for the upcoming summer months. Fall in Love is Codage’s dreamy take on a serum for Autumn, it contains moisturising, repairing and collagen boosting actives to help prepare the skin’s transition from summer to winter. Finally, Oh My Cold is the last serum available in Codage’s Seasonal Serum lineup, this serum focuses heavily on hydration and giving the skin the maximum amount of protection against a harsh winter climate by replenishing the skin with hyaluronic acids and other moisturising actives to maintain the skin structure and integrity. It helps the skin to repair and rebuild itself, whilst also protecting the skin from any harsh environmental aggressors. I think this will be next on my list of things to purchase from the Codage Paris range (I am a huge fan). 

To find out more about the Codage Paris range, check out their website here


This brand caught my eye on Skinritualdairy’s Instagram not too long ago, and has since been on my wish list of things to try – especially in the current heat in Shanghai. This brand is ALL about seasonal skincare and it is the core focus of the range. The philosophy of the brand is to capture and reflect the essence of each season and it believes that skincare should be adjusted seasonally as we will experience different changes in our minds and body. The changes that occur are due to the changes in temperature, humidity and light throughout the year and much like how we will dress according to the season, our skincare should also take a similar approach. Each of the beautiful products that 5YINA creates, uses a blend of traditional and potent Traditional Chinese medicines but also reflects its principles. The brand also prides itself on using wild harvested, biodynamic or of highest medicinal/food grade ingredients such as Ginseng, Lotus Flower, Reishi Mushroom, Agarwood and Chinese Angelica Root in its unique and potent formulations. 

The final result from this brand are 4 completely unique facial oils: Lucent (Summer), Grace (Autumn), Quiescent (Winter) and Enlighten (Spring) and each of these blends are all carefully crafted, tested meticulously for two years before becoming available on the market. Lucent Summer Beauty Oil aims to purify, soothe and balance the skin by using botanical extracts such as ginseng, lotus flower and parilla seed. Grace Autumn Beauty Oil uses a a blend of actives botanicals such as Reishi Mushroom, Chrysanthemum and Osmanthus to help strengthen and prepare the skin for the upcoming colder winter months. Quiescent Winter Beauty Oil focuses on hydration and repairing the skin using Japanese Knotwell, Agarwood and Chinese Angelica Root. Enlighten, the final oil in the range focuses on protecting, soothing and bringing luminosity to the skin using extracts such as Peony Root, Camellia Seed Oil and Tremella. 

From reading the product descriptions, Lucent sounds absolutely amazing for the conditions I am in at the moment (summer – heat and crazy humidity) as my skin is playing up due to the heat and it just can not seem to find that right state of equilibrium.  The brand have also just recently released their seasonal Lucent Hydrolat – a perfect summer mist for the warmer months of the year. 

More about 5YINA, its products and completely beautiful and unique philosophies can be found here

de Mamiel

I actually stumbled across de Mamiel by accident as I had heard that brand had just launched its Atmospheriques range which aids to help address the skin against pollution and city living. As many of you know, anti-pollution skincare is an area that I am very interested and passionate about (read more about it here) and it was lovely to see a more natural brand target this concern as well. However, what I didn’t know is that de Mamiel also do a fantastic range of seasonal oils for the skin, which feature different carrier and essential oils to address the changing seasons. 

de Mamiel is the brainchild of Annee de Mamiel, an acupuncturist, aromatherapist and holistic facialist, who in her formulations, combines Chinese Medicine, her Chiropractic training in human anatomy, physiology and function and aromatherapy training. Her seasonal oils were the first products that were released in the de Mamiel product line and are essentially what has made de Mamiel a renowned force in the Green Beauty Community today. Annee was inspired to create this range from her facial acupuncture treatments where she would use her training to blend a formulation according to the needs of her clients. She found that her clients would often ask her to have these formulations to take home and from there Annee was inspired to create a seasonal facial oil range to help the skin cope with the seasonal changes over the year.

Each of these oils are limited edition and are only made four times a year. The Summer Facial Oil is perfect for those long sunny days outside as it features protective oils such as evening primrose oil and rosehip oil, which are full of antioxidants. The Winter Facial Oil is perfect for those colder months where the skin needs extra hydration and nourishment and contains nourishing oils such as Argan Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil. The Spring Facial Oil is detoxifying and brightens dull dry skin from winter as it contains Jojoba, Milk Thistle and Grapefruit Oils. Lastly there is the Autumn Facial Oil, which is available for pre-order for September delivery and the one I find the most beautiful and unique in terms of ingredients. It contains a unique concoction of Baobab Oil, Amaranth and Echium Oil which help to balance the skin in the transitioning seasons and aid with inflammation and redness. 

Find out more about de Mamiel and Annee’s beautiful skincare range, including her seasonal facial oils and new Atmospherique’s range here



Odacite is a brand that I have been looking at for some time now as it is most renowned for its extensive range of facial serum concentrates that target specific issues within the skin. What you should also know is that Odacite also do an absolutely dreamy blend of seasonal skincare is part of their ‘Private Collection’ with equally dreamy names and back stories to match. Each of these concoctions were made specifically for someone of a high profile and are described as the Haute Couture for your Complexion as each formulation contains a high concentration of unique and rare actives for the skin. 

Whilst the other brands I have discussed briefly in this blog post target a range of skincare concerns that occur within each of the seasons, Odacite targets a particular concern that would most likely occur in that season. For example, the ‘A Summer in Hoosegar’ was blended in particular for the mother of Ocdacite’s founder and it targets hyperpigmentation, a common concern for many in the summer. This follows on with Odacite’s philosophy of concentrated serums to target a particular cause or concern for the complexion. Other serums in the range include the ‘An Autumn On the World’ which is a powerful Vitamin C serum which aims to brighten, illuminate and boost collagen through the high concentration of Vitamin C. ‘A Winter in Paris’, which addresses the need for intense hydration in winter whilst increasing the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Finally there is my personal favourite, and one that has been on my wishlist for sometime, ‘A Spring in Tokyo’ which was originally formulated for a Japanese Kabuki actress. This dreamy and luxurious sounding concoction aims to purify the complexion, targeting acne and blemish prone skin and also fighting the effects of pollution. 

The Odacite Private Collection is available on the Odacite website here

What are your thoughts on specialised serums or facial oils for the seasons? Do you own any yourself? Or do you prefer to change your skincare routine according to the seasons instead? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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