My Top 3 Glossier Recommendations


I get asked a lot about my thoughts on Glossier and the products I have used from them in the past. There is no doubt that the brand has done so well in its relatively short lifespan. Glossier founder Emily Weiss has seen the brand become one of the beauty industry’s biggest disrupters since the brand launched in 2014. In an industry where there are so many players, Glossier’s success is quite remarkable. This success comes down its brilliant marketing and the constant openness to customer feedback in product creation. 

If I were to be completely honest, like with any beauty brand I don’t find all of Glossier’s products to be fabulous. Whilst, the brand has some fierce brand loyalty, not all of their products quite work for me. For starters, I actually find their skincare offerings pretty average (Milky Jelly Cleanser is the exception). In saying that, where Glossier performs for me is in their makeup range. 

Glossier redefines my thoughts on beauty products, forcing me to rethink how I view particular products or textures. For example, I never knew I needed an eyebrow product until I used Boy Brow and because of Glossier’s Cloud Paint, I actually am open to cream blushes. Their products are not the most innovative, but Glossier have created possibly the most user-friendly products out on the market. I can attest to that because I am the epitome of lazy when it comes to applying makeup, I hate fuss and I hate makeup caked on. 

I love a lot of Glossier’s makeup range because it is the exact opposite of complicated – it’s fuss-free, easy to apply and gives me that perfect no makeup look. Here is a round up of my top three Glossier products. 

1. Boy Brow


Glossier’s Boy Brow is a holy grail for me. It’s easy to apply, lasts all day, doesn’t require any skill with makeup application and it most importantly it keeps my brows looking full and fantastic. For those who aren’t familiar – Boy Brow is Glossier’s answer to a brow gel and aims to thicken, fill in and groom the brows to effortless perfection. In my opinion Boy Brow is possibly the best product I have used from the Glossier range and for the time being, it will be THE only brow gel you will find in my makeup stash. I find that it is almost impossible to apply Glossier’s Boy Brow incorrectly (you seriously cannot stuff this one up) and it is so easy to use that the most novice makeup user will be able to apply this product on to their brows.  

To give you some context, I do almost next to nothing to my brows – the odd wax and pluck here and there (I did warn you that I am lazy) and that is all I generally do for maintenance. My brows aren’t sparse or fine, they are a little on the thick side and I only really need some taming, a bit of filling in and a little shaping.

When using Glossier’s Boy Brow, I find that this creamy, waxy formula (which is inspired by traditional hair pomades) fills in my brows in all the right places with a quick once-over. It perfectly tames my brows and gives it that all day hold without looking too ‘done’. I find the formulation doesn’t stiffen or flake off during the day (I use the shade Brown) and the coloured gel, gives the illusion of natural fuller eyebrows. The little wand applicator of Boy Brow makes it so easy to control my brows, grooming them so that they look somewhat presentable.

Before using Boy Brow, I was terrified of eyebrow products – scared that I would apply too much product or apply it all the wrong places and look like a Halloween caricature. However, Glossier’s Bow Brow application wand is so well designed that it is REALLY hard to stuff up brows. No matter how heavy handed I might accidentally be, I find that this Boy Brow applicator always just applies that right amount of product on my brows to give that illusion of healthy, fuller, tamed brows. 

If you are looking to try out anything from Glossier’s range and unsure where to start – Boy Brow is a fantastic introduction. I love this (and may have got others on to this too!). Glossier’s Boy Brow comes in 4 colours: Clear, Blonde, Brown and Black and retails for USD$16 and GBP£14

2. Cloud Paint


As mentioned before, Glossier is always redefining how I view particular products and Cloud Paint is another fantastic example. I generally don’t use liquid blush, I find that sometimes the colour is just too pigmented and I feel that I end up looking like a rag doll rather than a normal human being. I’ve also been fearful that liquid blushes may clog my skin, resulting in breakouts or the product itself just doesn’t last on my skin all day. Clearly Glossier never puts a put foot wrong with their marketing and I decided to purchase it due to the fact the packaging was just so cute (it looks like a little paint tube) and the colours looked quite promising on celebrities when it made its debut on the Oscar’s Red Carpet this earlier this year (Chrissy Teigan’s look won me over). 

Since receiving Cloud Paint, I often reach for it on days where I do decide to wear blush, my favourite being the colour Dusk – a browny peachy colour. The other shades such as Beams and Puff look bright fresh out of the tube but when blended into the skin it gives a really pretty kiss of colour, so don’t stress if the shades look too intense at first. Cloud Paint, like every other Glossier product, is quite easy to apply, simply squeeze a bit of product out of the tube on the fingertips and then blend it on to the cheekbones for a natural flush of colour. The gel to cream texture of Glossier’s Cloud Paint makes it so easy to blend into the skin and it feels quite weightless when applied. I find that the formula causes me no congestion or breakouts when I use this, even on a hot and humid day.

In terms of longevity, for a liquid blush, Cloud Paint performs quite well. Depending on the weather I can get a good 8-10 hours of wear out of this product before it starts to look non-existent on my skin. I find that Cloud Paint is so easy to blend into the skin, it gives a very natural diffused pop of colour on the cheeks making it so seamless to work into an everyday makeup routine. 

Glossier’s Cloud Paint comes in 4 very pretty colours – Dusk, Puff, Beam and Haze and retails for USD$18 for one or get a duo for USD$30 ($6 savings). In the UK it retails for GBP£15 for one or the duo for GBP£30 (£5 savings). 

3. Stretch Concealer


 I will be honest, I was a little sceptical of this product at first. I don’t really wear concealer (too lazy) and in my very limited experience with concealer, I have found concealers that come in jars generally look quite caked on. When at the Glossier showroom on Lafayette Street earlier this year, I decided to channel my inner millennial, adopt the ‘YOLO’ mindset and purchase Stretch Concealer – I am so glad that I did. Glosser’s Stretch Concealer has become a little pot of gold when it comes to quick, easy and ever so natural cover-ups. 

What I enjoy about Stretch Concealer is how this product sets and settles on to the skin, it doesn’t cake, doesn’t dry out and doesn’t look like plastic once applied. Instead, Stretch Concealer looks quite natural providing a little extra coverage to hide away slight imperfections. Glossier describes Stretch Concealer as “a new type of concealer with elastic micro waxes that move with your face instead of caking on top of it, and nourishing oils that give a dewy, glowing finish” and I really couldn’t agree more with that description. What Stretch Concealer does well is that the formula not only looks natural, it also feels barely there when applied.

Stretch Concealer supposed to be a buildable formula and I would say to some degree that this is true. However, I don’t find this concealer to cover up everything as the coverage is more medium, covering mainly dark circles around the eyes and redness. If a heavyweight concealer is more what you are after than I would advise against Stretch Concealer as it will only blur out other imperfections. If you are like me and prefer your makeup to relatively lightweight and breathable, then Glossier’s Stretch Concealer is a great option. I find that it is fantastic for that ‘skin but better’ look when your complexion needs a little more TLC because let’s face it not everyone has good skin days. 

Glossier’s Stretch Concealer gets my recommendation because it really does ‘stretch’ and move with your skin, helping cover-ups look effortless and natural. It is lightweight but provides just enough coverage to conceal pesky dark circles or to help even out skin tone. It comes in 5 different shades from Light to Rich and retails for USD$18 and GBP£15.

What have you tried from Glossier? What have been your favourites? I would love to hear more in the comments section below!




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