June 2017 Beauty and Skincare Empties


Yay! It’s empties time and this post has been a little belated (sorry!). I am currently in the midst of travelling and its been a little harder than I thought to get my posts up and running (thank you technology and lack of internet). I think we should be back on track from now onwards. Thank you for bearing with me…

June was another big empties month for me in skincare and I even have an addition for haircare! I ran out of serums, masks and moisturisers last month so I have plenty to write about and won’t leave this too long. I find that it is so satisfying to finish something off and this is an area I think I am most definitely improving in. Most of of these products that I have finished this month have been ones that I do quite enjoy using and are things I would look into repurchasing again. Have a read at what I went through over the last month and ENJOY!

***Please note that anything marked with a * has been kindly gifted to me from PR and have been included in the post because well…I finished it! All opinions are of my own and are my honest and true opinions of what I thought about the products. 

Christophe Robin Shampooing Purifiant*

I am not one to use expensive shampoos and conditioners, my go to hair products are relatively cheap drugstore shampoos that do not contain SLS. I have never been one to use luxury haircare products and the only reason why this shampoo even had a place in my shower is because it was kindly gifted to me by PR.

Having used this for 2-3 months now, I quite enjoyed this shampoo – it is perfect for my hair which gets quite oily. The Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo does a fantastic job to rebalance and refresh the hair and scalp, eliminating any oiliness in my roots and giving my scalp a really deep clean. It really refreshes the hair without stripping it or irritating my scalp or skin (another reason why I am so hesitant to try different shampoos). This shampoo also keeps my hair incredibly soft. I find that I can often forgo a conditioner and use this shampoo on its own (washed twice) and it will get similar results in terms of soft, healthy hair. The scent of this is lovely, it keeps my hair smelling fresh and clean but not too over powering. What I also enjoyed about using this shampoo is the fact that despite it not containing SLS, it does lather quite nicely. 

In terms of repurchasing, I would absolutely consider. Using the Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo has opened the doors for me to try and discover other brands to my current drugstore shampoo (Living Proof is actually on my list next). The fact this has not only kept my hair feeling balanced, clean, soft and healthy. It definitely one of the better high end shampoos that I have tried and whilst I am on this new discovery of shampoos, I would absolutely consider repurchasing this again as I was so happy with how this performed. 

The Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo can be purchased from Christophe Robin USA or Sephora for USD$38 for 250ml.

Rationale Immunologist Niacinamide Serum

I wrote a long and detailed review of this serum here. In a nutshell, this is fantastic, I recieved such amazing results from using this serum and I found that overall it had cleared up alot of my PIH in my skin.  However, it is quite expensive and would be something that I no longer need in my routine (I only need maintenance and not to ‘treat’). This serum I would suggest to those who are really struggling to get rid if PIH as it kick started the process of healing and clearing this up for me. I would repurchase again if PIH becomes an issue.

Rationale Skincare’s Immunologist Niacinamide Serum comes in a 30ml dropper bottle and can be purchased from Rationale Skincare online or via their boutiques in Australia. 

Equal Beauty Cleansing Cloths with Hydra Glow

Absolutely LOVE these. 

These cleansing pads are NOT to be mistaken as a makeup remover wipe. It is simply a cleanser in disposable pad form (think RMS Cleasing Wipes or Lauren Napier Cleanse Wipes) and these are an absosulte gem for travelling. I purchased these originally to travel with but I have been enjoying them so much that I do use these quite frequently. These cleansing pads do melt off make up (if you really need them too..but it is a bit of a waste) and give the skin a really nice deep clean. The unique woven texture of these pads also gives the complexion a really gentle light exfoliation to help with decongestion. Its formulation keeps the skin feeling really hydrated and also a beautiful glow post cleanse. I actually really enjoy using these as a morning cleanse for this reason but also find this makes a wonderful cleanser for the evening as well. I have found that the ‘glow’ that this gives makes it most suitable for morning as who doesn’t want to glow when they wake up?!  

I purchased these mainly for travel due to it’s convenient size and its travel proof packaging but I find that I am reaching for these all the time. I absolutely love these and have already repurchase these again (and maybe explore other products in the range). 

The Equal Beauty Cleansing Cloths with Hydra Glow come in a plastic tub of 30 and are beautifully packaged in a gorgeous box. They retail for AUD$49.95 and whilst they may not be the cheapest cleansing option, they truly do keep you skin smooth, soft and radiant. They can be purchased from the Equal Beauty website (ships internationally) or from David Jones Department stores in Australia. 

de Mamiel Cleansing Dew Sample

I have been putting off purchasing the de Mamiel Cleansing Dew for the longest time now. Ever since I saw this in Detail Oriented Beauty’s skincare routines I knew that at one stage I would have to buy this. Being the cleanser junkie that I am, I have quite a few cleansers which is why I never went to purchase this straight away but seeing this on more Instagram feeds I was suffering from a real case of FOMO. This FOMO soon ended when the super awesome (and my spending partner in crime) @skinmusings gave me a sample to try. Can I just say that this was love as first swipe? The de Mamiel Cleasning Dew had the most thick and luxurious oil/gel consistency that made it such a beautiful experience to work into the skin. And the scent? Nothing but beautiful but I wouldn’t expect anything less of de Mamiel. What I loved about the Cleansing Dew is that this thick (almost gel like but not quite) oil emulsifies so easily with water. There is no residue or film left on the skin. My skin felt quite soft, soothed and clean after I had washed this off but due to the scent I felt an sense of calm. I wouldn’t use this as a makeup remover (as Caroline Hirons would normally say – its too good for that) but it is the perfect morning or second cleanse.

I loved these samples of the de Mamiel Cleansing Dew so much, that it was enough for me to finally bite the bullet and purchase the full size of this. The overall texture, feel on the skin, scent and basically entire experience of using this was a real treat for the complexion. 

Allies of Skin Bright Future Sample*

I had the absolute pleasure of trying the Allies of Skin Bright Future Overnight Facial a little bit before it launched (which is why it is in this ‘neutral’ packaging). I wrote a detailed review of why I loved this here. To summarise, this is the perfect product for those who just do not have the time as it is possibly one of the easiest and quickest products to apply. Simple cleanse, tone/mist and apply Bright Future (and mist again). That is all and the magic literally happens overnight to reveal a beautiful glowing complexion. Love this!

The Allies of Skin Bright Future Overnight Facial comes in a 50ml tube pump and retails for SGD $159 at the Allies of Skin online store. 

Mecca To Save Face Sunscreen SPF50

Any person who has ever been to Australia and walked into Mecca Cosmetica would know what a beauty institution these stores are. Comparable to the UK’s Space N.K and Sephora in the USA – Mecca is really…well a beauty mecca. Not only do they carry cult brands such as Hourglass, NARS, Kate Sommerville and Drunk Elephant, they also have their own in house label. There is no doubt that the Aussie sun is harsh and that Australia has some of the strictest sunscreen laws in the world because of this. It also makes it so hard for Australians to find sunscreens that are not only lightweight but do not smell like sunscreen.

Enter, Mecca Cosmetica and their infamous To Save Face Sunscreen, possibly one of the best sunscreens I have ever used. This sunscreen is what sunscreen dreams are made of with a super high SPF of 50 (the maximum that Australian companies are allowed to label their sunscreens), lightweight texture, no white cast, no greasy feeling and no horrible sunscreen smell. This feels like a primer on the skin and works so well underneath make up. This is an absolute favourite of mine and I have repurchased this over and over again (and will continue to purchase it over and over). 

This sunscreen retails for AUD$40 for 75ml which I find is great value when compared to some of the other ‘skincare company’ sunscreens out there. It is available at Mecca online (who will ship these products internationally) or in their retail stores. 

Make P:REM Wrapping Me Sauna Mask*

Sheet masks are things that I love to try as they are so easy and fun to use and this Make P:REM Wrapping Me Sheet mask was no exception. I received this mask from Bare and Be an online boutique which specialises in the curation of sheet masks. The Make P:REM sheet mask was unlike any other sheet mask that I have ever used in the way that this had the typical sheet mask ‘material’ on one side but then a silver foil on the other. The silver foil is supposed to have a warming effect on the skin (thus it is called a sauna mask) which I assume helps to open up the pores to allow the nutrients and actives to penetrate further and deeper in to the skin to give the most optimal results. 

My own personal experience with this mask was at first confusing as I had never used anything like this before! However, after reading instructions (yes, sometimes I don’t hahaha) I quickly figured out which was the front and back of this mask. For the best fit, the Wrapping Sauna mask is actually split into 2 pieces or sections – the first piece made to fit around the eye and nose area and the second to fit around the chin and jaw. Having put this mask on, I realise why this is so important as I found the fit and the way the mask sat on the face a little more difficult to control than usual due to the stiff nature of the foil. This mask is definitely not as malleable as my usual bio-cellulose masks and I found it didn’t quite sit as well around my nose. This mask had no shortage of essence (literally filled with essence!) which also made it a little harder to work with as it likes to slip. 

In terms of results, the mask definitely did warm up a little, but not like tingle or an uncomfortable warmth, just a slight warming effect on the skin to mimic the effects of a sauna. When taking the mask off, my skin definitely looked visibly brighter and more glowing with my skin looking and feeling much more taut and plump. In terms of hydration, this mask had most definitely done its job and did it so well.  I found that my skin didn’t feel dry and that it really looked much firmer and glowing, which lasted until the next day. I would definitely consider trying this again or other masks in the Wrapping range from Make P:REM as the results were instantly visible and acts well as the perfect skin pick me up. 

The Make P:REM Wrapping Me Sauna Mask can be purchased from Bare and Be for AUD$8.

Leaders Insolution Coconut Water Gel Sheet Masks – AC Pore Care

I wrote about these range of coconut masks after my trip from Seoul back in September and to this day I absolutely love these, these coconut water gel sheet masks from Leaders Insolution actually go down as one of my all time favourites in the world of sheet masks. In the range, my favourite would have the be the AC Pore Care Mask pack and recently thanks to a few wonderful friends I was reunited with this particular sheet mask from Korea. 

What I love about the Leaders Insolution Coconut Water Gel AC Pore Care Sheet Mask is that it not only the comfortable material this is made from (it is a fermented coconut material) but also the fact that it calms and soothes any angry spots that come about. It works particularly well at ‘that time’ of the month when I have a hormonal breakout and it is the reason why I love this mask. No other sheet mask I have used has been able to just soothe and calm down angry spots like these do. 

I find that the Leaders AC Pore Care Mask comfortable on the face and generally fits quite well (other than the fact it is a little big in some areas). Other than the calming effect that this has on breakouts, I find that this does infuse the skin with hydration, leaving a firmer and plumper complexion afterwards with a beautiful glow. This particular mask is quite effective for me in treating spots and therefore I will most definitely continue to purchase these when I can.

I am actually note sure where else to get this particular mask as I have only ever seen them at Watsons Korea in Myeong-dong. However, the US Leaders Insolution website may have a similar version of this (the packaging is quite different) in terms of coconut water gel.  

Retrouve Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream*

Sadness is probably the word to describe how I felt when I had used this up the Retrouve Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream. This beautifully textured cream worked wonders as a slightly heavier moisturiser, perfect for evenings and for the colder winter months. It feels like absolute luxury on the skin, with a soft velvety texture that feels like cashmere silk on the skin when applied and sinks in so beautifully. I love using this on its own or it also mixes in so well with oils to further elevate the experience. The Retrouve line isn’t scented so the addition of beautiful oil just adds to the sensory experience of touch and smell and makes this cream even more heavenly. 

I find that this really helps with those pesky dry patches as this moisturiser is slightly heavier to the ones that I currently use. However, heavier doesn’t mean that the Retrouve Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream leaves me looking like a grease ball, quite the opposite in fact. It does not leave a film on the skin nor does it feel ‘heavy’ as it really does sink in effortlessly once applied. I also love using this on its own when my skin is feeling a little more sensitive than normal due to the fact that the formulation does not contain any essential oils or anything that could potentially irritate my skin. Its quite soothing and calming. The texture of this is absolutely wonderful (I like to think of it as a soft blanket on my skin) and it truly does leave my skin feeling nourished and hydrated. Oh and the packaging…is it not the most exquisite bottle you have ever seen? The attention to detail in this is most extraordinary and an experience in itself – a luxe heavy frosted glass airless pump bottle. 

I won’t lie, the price point is a little hard to swallow for some, at USD$390 for 30ml. However, my skin seems to love this (I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing hahaha) and I find that it does a fantastic job of nourishing, hydrating and keeping the skin looking smoother and softer. There are most definitely other (cheaper) alternatives out there as the Retrouve Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream may not fit everyone’s price point. However, if you are the type of person who loves to splurge on skincare and is looking for a dedicated night cream that not only just works to keep smooth, soft and nourished but is also beautiful in aesthetics and texture on the skin, the Retrouve Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream is something worth looking into. 

The Retrouve Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream retails for USD$390 for 30ml and can be purchased on their online store or at Bergdoff Goodman (New York) or Ron Robinson (Los Angeles). 

How did you go with empties in June? Did you have any particular favourites? Let me know in the comments below.





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