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Last weekend the Mr and I decided to check out the Shanghai Expat Wellbeing and Health Expo located at the Shanghai Centre. Coinciding with the expo was the Summer Markets – a little market where both expats and locals sell their food or wares or make themselves known to the community. It was a lot of fun to walk around and see what was available and in my wandering around a little stall that had some beautiful packaging (and many of us skin enthusiasts love beautiful packaging) caught my eye. It turns out the beautiful little products on display were of the skincare variety and the most lovely French lady (with amazing and glowing skin) came up and greeted us both. She at once made me at once feel very welcome and happily let me look and play with the beautiful products which belong to a brand new skincare company called Lu Ming Tang, an East meets West concept in skincare. 

Lu Ming Tang is the creation of French lady, Marie Amiand, a former beauty consultant for luxury skincare labels. Marie lived in China for 10 years and found that the exposure to pollution and toxins in the air were wreaking havoc on her skin and complexion. After some heavy research, Marie started to make her own creations in skincare and looked into both the power of tea and cutting edge French skincare technology to create potent and detoxifying skincare formulations in which Lu Ming Tang was born. The company is a relatively new one, launching late last year and currently has 2 boutiques in the Hangzhou area of China, which is renowned for their production of exquisite teas (and where Lu Ming Tang sources their own tea from). Each of the 10 products in the range have a herbal tea infusion which claim to have skincare benefits such as detoxification, protection from free radicals, hydration, anti-inflammation or increased cell renewal. The product range includes a cleanser, hydrating mists, a mask, moisturisers, an eye cream and lip balms. 

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I found myself intrigued with story behind the company and I won’t lie but I am concerned about being exposed to high amounts of toxins and pollution in the air in China. With that in mind, I decided to impulsively purchase the beautifully packaged “Love” Discovery Box which includes: a full size Elixir de Vie Bio Shield Eye Concentrate, deluxe size samples of the Creme De Marie Radiance Beauty Boost (day time moisturiser), Creme Des Neiges Herbal Tea Mask-in-Creme (night treatment) and the Miraculous Detox Paste 2 in 1 Beauty Revealer Mask and also 3 sachets of the same products. I say impulsively because rarely do I buy any skincare without doing a bit of research first, but I did quickly skim over some of the product ingredient listings and nothing too alarming jumped out at me so I took the plunge and purchased the discovery box. The items that got my attention most at the time were the: Creme de Marie, Creme de Neiges and the Miraculous Detox Paste as I really do have a weak spot for luxurious moisturisers and masks. 

CremedeMarie_Ingredients-460x460 copy.jpgCremedeMarie_Ingredients-460x460 copy.jpg CremedesNeiges_Ingredients-460x460.pngCremedesNeiges_Ingredients-460x460.png EyeConcentrate_Ingredients-460x460.pngEyeConcentrate_Ingredients-460x460.png DetoxPaste_Ingredients-460x460.pngDetoxPaste_Ingredients-460x460.png

As some of you would have seen on my Instagram, I have had a little try of some of the products and from what I have tried so far there have been some definite hits and perhaps a miss. I won’t rule anything out yet and will continue to try and give he products a good go before I put in my review. I am super excited to see how all these products fare though and I love new and different things. In the meantime, please take a moment to admire the beautiful packaging and let me know if there is anything in the range the interests you in particular!

To check out the range or read more about the brand: http://lumingtang.com.cn/en/index.php



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