A Cleansing Beauty – The 5YINA Divine All Seasons Bio Adaptive Cleanser Review


Ever since I started my blog over a year ago, I have been extremely lucky and blessed to have met, connected and spoken with some of the most amazing people. I have met people from all walks of life – fellow bloggers, fellow skincare fanatics and of course those amazing creatives who have founded and created some of the amazing skincare brands that we love.

It was a little over a year ago, where for 6 months, life took me to Shanghai, China. It was there that I had the incredible opportunity to cross paths with Ervina Wu, co-founder of 5YINA. Those who may follow me on Instagram may have seen – I am a huge fan of the 5YINA skincare range. This love affair started when I first discovered the brand and its interesting approach to skin health – it was skincare based on traditional Chinese Medicine and the seasons. I have been extremely lucky to have tried quite a bit of the range already – the brand’s oils and hydrolats are just exquisite, everything from the scent, the texture, the interesting ingredients and of course the performance. It is also very well known that I do enjoy using the brand’s Divine All Seasons Bio-cellulose Sheet Masks and these were used quite a bit in the lead up to my wedding earlier this year. 

Like with any other skincare brand, over time the range is expanded and recently 5YINA released their very first cleanser, the Divine Bio-Adaptive Cleanser. I was extremely lucky and had the opportunity to try and have a play with this cleanser before it had been officially released. I am a cleanser junkie as it is one of my favourite step in my skincare ritual and the 5YINA Divine Bio-Adaptive Cleanser was really quite divine in almost every way possible. 

*** This item was kindly sent to me from the brand with no expectation of a review or a mention. I just have really enjoyed using this cleanser over the past few months and just had to share a bit of the love. All opinions are my own, honest opinions. 

What Is It?

The 5YINA Divine Bio-Adaptive Cleanser is a creamy cleanser that becomes oil like once worked into a dry complexion.


What Does It Do?

Designed to help balance the skin, the 5YINA Divine Bio Adaptive Cleanser helps to give the skin a radiant glow as it is formulated with purifying plant extracts and pearl powder to help brighten the skin. Its cream to oil consistency helps to keep the skin feeling nourished and not at all feel stripped.


Aloe vera leaf extract*, aqua, glycerin*, concha margaratiferae (mother of pearl), coix lacryma-job (job’s tears)*, poria cocos sclerotium (fu ling)*, paeonia albiflora (peony root)*, atractylodes macrocephala (bai zhu)*, tremella fruciformis (snow mushroom), camellia sinensis (white tea)+, chrysanthemi indicum (wild chrysanthemum), radix glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice)*, moringa oleifera seed oil*, camellia sinensis seed oil*, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil*, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil*, cocamidopropyl betaine (coconut-derived), cetyl palmitate (vegetable-derived), sorbitan oleate, coco glucoside^, stearic acid, cetearyl glucoside^, sodium cocoyl isethionate, kaolin (rose clay), glyceryl monocaprylate^, glyceryl monoundecylenate^, sodium levulinate^, sodium anisate^, vitellaria paradoxa (shea) butter*, lactic acid, xanthum gum, pericarpium citri reticulatae viride, monarda fistulosa, chamaecyparis obtusa (hinoki), citral**, geraniol**, limonene**, linalool**.

+ wild-harvested
^ EcoCert compliant
**naturally occurring in essential oils

My Thoughts

The Divine Bio Adaptive Cleanser has been a product that has been in the pipeline from 5YINA for some time now. From using this cleanser, I can see why it has taken so long for the brand to develop this – its quite a unique formulation which I find is such a treat for both my skin and that overall ritualistic cleansing experience. It is a product where you can tell that a lot of time and thought has gone into creating it as every element of texture, scent and how it performs hits my checklist of what I expect in a cleanser.


What I thoroughly enjoy most about 5YINA’s latest creation is its texture and consistency. It has a lot to do with how this unique cleanser performs. When you pump the Divine cleanser into the palm of the hand you are met with a brown creamy like emulsion. However, it doesn’t stay like a cream for long. Once applied onto the face and worked into the skin, the Divine Cleanser melts into a beautiful oil-like consistency. This helps to create an enjoyable cleansing ritual as this oil-like texture makes it quite wonderful to massage and work into the skin. The oil-like consistency also helps my skin to feel quite nourished when I work this into my skin. Throughout this gorgeous emulsion, I also found little powder like grains. These little grains are a pearl powder and help to gently exfoliate and buff away any dead skin cells and impurities. The pearl powder can in no way over exfoliate the skin, there is just enough to really lightly buff the skin and the powder itself is so small and not in any way harsh. I personally found that the light addition of this powder added a little bit of ‘grit’ to my cleansing ritual and I highly enjoyed the sensory feeling of it on my skin.

When cleansing is complete the 5YINA Divine Bio Adaptive Cleanser washes off the skin with such ease. I find that with the addition of water, this emulsifies into a milk and completely washes off the skin without leaving any residue. What the Divine Cleanser leaves is a visibly brighter complexion that feels cleaner, fresher and has a little bit of a glow to it. I find that this cleanser helps to gently exfoliate the skin with its use of pearl powder and lactic acid. Paired with the addition of oils such a camelia seed oil and safflower seed oil however my skin feels balanced, nourished and not at all stripped or sensitive. However, I did give this cleanser to another friend to use and whilst she loved the feel of this on the skin on application, she felt the cleanser was a little drying once she had washed this off.  I generally like to use this as a second cleanse – I wouldn’t waste this beautiful formula as a first cleanse, it’s too special.

The 5YINA Divine Bio Adaptive Cleanser also is formulated with a plethora of herbal and plant extracts that have Traditional Chinese Medicinal purposes dating back centuries. Some of these include moringa, job’s tears, wild chrysanthemum, liquorice root, peony root and bai zhu. Moringa, is rich in fatty acids such as oleic acid and antioxidants, making it fantastic for protecting and nourishing the skin. However, its speciality lies in cleansing, Moringa is considered to be an excellent cleansing agent for its ability to remove dirt from the skin. The use of chrysanthemum is not just limited to a delicious tea, as studies have shown that it has excellent qualities in water retention and also to help from UV induced skin damage. Peony root, another Traditional Chinese Medicinal plant has been used for centuries to aid with sallow complexion, menstrual problems, chest pain, headache and dizziness, however recent studies have also shown that it can play a role in helping to control inflammation of the skin. These are just some of the plants and extracts used in the 5YINA Divine Bio Adaptive Cleanser and it is clear that that from these ingredients, each one has been handpicked for their protective and nourishing properties for the complexion. On top of these unique extracts, the Divine Bio Adaptive Cleanser has also taken pH into account, this beautiful cleanser has a pH of 5.6-5.8, which is in the realm of optimal pH levels for a cleanser.  

The scent is such a delight for the senses as it is quite complex. I find that this has a slight earthy and herbal scent to it (reminiscent of my Grandmother’s herbal soups) that isn’t overpowering. The scent is so unique, so complex and something that I enjoy very much as it brings true delight to my senses but also a little bit of nostalgia. The packaging of the 5YINA Divine Bio Adaptive Cleanser is also quite travel friendly as the cleanser is housed in 60ml opaque milk glass bottle. The cleanser is also dispensed by a pump mechanism which can be ‘locked’ when not in use. I love pumps that lock as it makes my travel bags so much easier to maintain whilst travelling. It truly is a wonderful travel companion. In terms of pricing, the Divine cleanser is on the reasonable side of pricing when it comes to green beauty cleansers – at USD$38 for 60ml. 


5YINA’s Divine Bio Adaptive Cleanser for me is quite a special cleanser as it hits the nail on the head for me in so many ways a cleanser should. I love using this and I love taking it with me because it is both easy and so incredibly enjoyable to use. 

Repurchase YAY or NAY:

Overall, I have really loved using the 5YINA Divine Bio Adaptive Cleanser in my skincare routine and most definitely in my recent travels. Its cream to oil to milk consistency makes it a wonderful and easy travel companion but its complex scent and texture help to elevate the cleansing experience. No matter where I am where I am in the world, I feel like the all-important cleansing ritual still feels special when I use this.  There is no doubt that I love using this cleanser, it unique formulation and the way it leaves my skin feeling after using it makes me feel makes it possible one of my favourite cleansers out there. I love it so much that I will be planning a future repurchase of this soon (this was kindly gifted to me).

The 5YINA Divine Bio Adaptive Cleanser is still available for pre-order and will ship out on the 31st October 2017, it comes in a beautiful 60ml opaque milk glass pump bottle and is retailing for USD$38 on the 5YINA website

Have you used anything from the 5YINA range before? What were your experiences and thoughts? I would love to hear what you think in the comments section below!




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